Get answers to our frequently asked questions.

Once a week, all new fully completed profiles are sent to our participating employers. If you fit what they need, they will email you directly. Remember to respond quickly so you can secure an interview!

No. Previous work experience is not required for some roles. Tourism employers are actively searching for young people who want to be part of the largest growing industry in New Zealand, so not having work experience will not hold you back.  

It could take a couple of weeks, or more. If an employer is impressed with your profile, they will contact you for a phone or in-person interview. The time it will take for them to hire a candidate will depend on their company processes, and/or their urgency to fill the roll. 

Once the employer has contacted you directly, they will let you know how to best communicate with them. Usually it is email or text. Do your best to communicate quickly and in the correct way as this will show them you are keen to be a part of their team. 

Simple! Fill in your profile on this site and, based on your answers, we will send your details to participating employers who are looking for young, enthusiastic staff to join them! 

Absolutely not! While there will be many fun, part-time or summer tourism jobs available it is important to remember that the industry also offers incredible lifelong career options. Just ask anyone in the industry. 

There are no guarantees, but you have a better chance of getting a job offer if you fill in a profile and get yourself out there. If you haven’t received a job offer after three months of creating your profile, we will get you into skills hubs to provide you with the additional support you need to land a role.

Many people think the tourism industry is made up of low paying, short-term jobs - but this isn’t true. Share this website with your whānau - it should help. 

Yes and no! Many entry-level positions require minimum or no training at all, and several employers will offer on-the-job training and opportunities to gain qualifications. However, there is a multitude of amazing tourism education providers to choose from, offering a range of qualification levels from certificates to bachelor degrees and beyond!