We're here to build New Zealand's tourism workforce


Go with Tourism is a government-funded initiative to build a bigger and better Tourism & Hospitality workforce.

We connect great talent with quality employers

If you're a jobseeker interested in a tourism career, or an employer within a tourism business - we're here to help!

Register to our Job Connector - our game-changing approach to match the best candidates with employers with roles to fill; or visit our Job Search Hub for all the latest listings from the tourism industry.


We help Kiwis to think positively about tourism careers

Go with Tourism runs a variety of initiatives - from our Education Programme to our career expos, The Itinerary webseries and marketing campaigns - to break down a lingering stigma in New Zealand that successful careers cannot be found in tourism. 

Tourism is a fantastic industry to work in and it's our goal to get Kiwis to understand this.


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Spearheaded by Auckland Unlimited, Go with Tourism first launched on 5 April 2019 to address a skills shortage in Auckland. It featured a game-changing approach to job search and recruitment and an engaging pipeline of activities to attract people to tourism.

The initiative's success in Auckland eventually led to an announcement in August 2019 that Go with Tourism would receive $5.2million from the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy to expand the programme nationwide, over a three-year period.

Go with Tourism has since launched a range of initiatives to help break down negative stereotypes that surrounds tourism careers, such as the Education Programme, The Itinerary webseries, the Pledge A Placement Programme and a variety of engaging marketing activity.

Go with Tourism hopes to build close working relationships with all employers in tourism to rebuild the industry with fantastic new talent.


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Matt Stenton
Programme Director
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Liz Grossman
Business Development Manager
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Helen Shaw
Marketing Communications Manager (Media contact)
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Will Kim
Operations Manager
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Simone Pakieto
Event Producer
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Aalee Daniels
Regional Coordinator - Upper North Island
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Jackson Flavell
Regional Coordinator - Lower North Island
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Kirsten Perrott
Regional Coordinator - Upper South Island
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Heidi Gillingham
Regional Coordinator - Lower South Island (incl. west)
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