About Go with Tourism

Go with Tourism’s goal is to attract talent into the tourism industry and promote careers in tourism by connecting tourism professionals and budding or returning talent with quality tourism businesses.

Go with Tourism

We exist to support the growth of quality jobs in the tourism sector with a focus on doing so in a sustainable manner.

Our platform does away with the traditional approach to job search and recruitment by removing the job listing process and creating modern digital candidate profiles, saving both candidates and employers hours of time.

Using technology we’ve built from the ground up, we’re equipping recruiters with a simple yet powerful tool which lets them painlessly filter and shortlist candidates. Recruiters can use the platform as they need, when they need. Rather than creating job descriptions and maintaining job listings, they are now able to jump onto the platform to find the candidates they need within minutes.

Candidates that wish to launch their career in tourism can set up their GWT profile complete with details such as work eligibility, work experience, driver’s license and much more. These profiles are then stored and readily accessible by any tourism recruiter.

To add to the platform, we’ve created a knowledge hub for employers and candidates. The hub is a detailed collection of resources on topics including but not limited to recruiting, employability, sustainability and inclusivity.

To ensure that jobseekers are only matching with quality employers, access to the GWT platform is given to employers on the understanding that they meet the following three commitments:

  • They are working towards or offering the living wage.
  • They are operating with sustainable business practices and offering career progression opportunities.
  • They are providing unsuccessful applicants with constructive feedback that will allow them to be better equipped for future applications.


Please get in touch with us for any further information.