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Does your team need an injection of youthful energy and fresh ideas? Could your business use some recruitment assistance finding local, skilled staff? Take two minutes to Pledge a Placement and let us connect you with eager tourism and hospitality students that are excited to start working with you, right now!

Why offer a placement?


Tap into up-and-coming talent and fresh ideas to add value to your company.


Increase productivity with an added set of helping hands to catch up on late tasks.


It’s a win-win! Students get much-needed experience while your team can share the workload.

future ready

The pool of talent you find through placements may become your future star employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to some commonly asked questions. If you don't find what you need here, please get in touch with us for more questions.

There’s no such thing as a ‘typical’ placement! Every placement is individually tailored to fit the specific needs of both business and student; meeting availability and requirement timeframes, ensuring tasks and capabilities are compatible, and enabling upskilling opportunities are available, to meet pre-set learning objectives. Most importantly, matching personalities and mentors, to ensure success. After touching base with employers and placement seekers, the Go with Tourism team use their expert matchmaking skills to find the right role for the right person and do their best to align personalities and skillsets, with business values and suitable operations. Open communication between both parties is highly encouraged, to make sure expectations are clear from the outset. Once everyone’s on the same page and the induction paperwork has been completed, the placements (and the fun!) can begin!

Register to Pledge a Placement and one of our team will be in touch to grab some details.

Placements can last as long as both parties want them to and this is agreed upon before the first day. However, we don’t advocate extended periods of unpaid employment and usually recommend a placement lasting anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Placement days don’t have to run consecutively; you might decide on a weekend-only schedule, across an entire month, or weekdays during term breaks. Either option is fine, as long as it works for both parties

Some education providers may require evidence of the placement to be provided and signed, along with a short feedback summary of how the placement went, in order to grant students a ‘pass’ for their practical learning. If this is the case, it is the students’ responsibility to inform both the employer and education provider prior to the placement being confirmed.

We suggest that students be viewed as volunteers for the duration of their placements. There are a number of key considerations for employers to bear in mind when taking on a volunteer. Go with Tourism has resources available on its Knowledge Hub which can assist you in ensuring legal requirements are met.

We advise inducting a volunteer the same way as you would any other employee. The Pledge a Placement programme has been designed to give students a taste of what real employment is like, from start to finish. That includes interviews, inductions, H&S training, performance assessments and anything else which is ‘the norm’ at your place of business. If you’d like any advice, you can contact your Regional Coordinator

Our Regional Coordinators do their best to vet students before referring them to business. We review their application, CV and contact them via phone and email. Our team often work with educators and careers advisors who are assisting the student and can provide references. In many cases, our Regional Coordinators do not have the chance to meet students in person, so we advise businesses to run full recruitment screening checks before saying yes to a placement.

We suggest that students be viewed as volunteers, for the duration of their placements. There are a number of key considerations for employers to bear in mind, when taking on a volunteer, but to make things easier for you, our HR team has compiled a number of resources to make things clear and simple, and ensure all legal requirements are met. Your Regional Coordinator will be happy to send details over to you, if you’d like some guidance or assistance.

Are you ready to offer some work experience?

Are you ready to offer some work experience?