First impressions - advertising the role

First impressions - advertising the role

Job ads are your chance to market the role –  and your business –  to prospective staff. It’s important to stand out and to connect. In this toolkit we equip you with the best practice tips for advertising your role.  


  • Rush to write the job advertisement -Spend time drafting and editing.

  • Use jargon and acronyms, these can be confusing to a young person and may deter them from applying. 

  • Specifically request “young people” or any age group-  this could be age discrimination. 

  • Just use the job description as the job ad. 

  • Make the application process confusing! Give job-seekers one straightforward option for applying.


  • Craft an attention-grabbing headline and compelling opening paragraph. The first two paragraphs are scanned in 3.4 seconds by the reader.

  • Highlight the purpose and the values of the company.

  • Include the description (see our tips on job descriptions here), location of work and the specifics of what and who you’re looking for.  

  • Remember what is important to young people.

  • Include a guide to pay and perks, hours and whether they will need to travel in the job. 

  • Make it clear if you are or aren’t open to transferable skills. 

  • Give one straightforward option for applying. Outline how you expect them to respond to the job advertisement. You can use our Job Connector  

Youth tell us that the process of applying for jobs can be demotivating if they don’t understand what employers are looking for.   By providing an upfront, informative job advertisement you will benefit yourself and the job-seeker! 


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