The job description - all the info you need

The job description - all the info you need

The Job description (JD) is often the first thing a potential new hire will see, this is the point where they will make the decision whether or not to apply. You only want the best potential candidates, and they don't want to waste their time with a role that's not the right fit. So read below to learn how to get this part right.

Clearly define the role you want to fill

Being vague will leave the role up for interpretation, so clearly bullet point the responsibilities of the position and the skills you need from candidates. Doing this will make your job easier in the selection process and when you need to evaluate your new employee. For example: if it’s entry-level let them know; if you need them to have proven experience in managing others, outline this. 

Transferable skills 

If you are open to transferable skills, then consider this when writing your job description. For example: asking for “excellent communication skills" or “excellent interpersonal skills" rather than "excellent customer service skills" will allow a candidate the opportunity to prove that they can use their communication/interpersonal skills in a customer service role. 

Personality matters 

Personality, personal attributes, and attitude can be very important to the job role, so remember to include this in the job description. For example: in a job post for a tour guide you would probably want to add “friendly and outgoing” and “confident speaker” in your job description. 

Help out the entry-level job seekers 

Research tells us that young people are keen to do something that they think they’ll already be good at1. Remember, it’s hard for young people to get a job without experience, and hard to get experience without a job, so help them out when writing an entry-level job description by highlighting abilities and strengths the role will need that they are already likely to have, rather than skills that they will learn on the job. 

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