Get mobile with your application process

Get mobile with your application process

Mobile web browsing is an integral part of the online experience, so you need to make sure that you're in the best position to appeal to mobile users. Read this toolkit to learn more about the importance of mobile web browsing.

Here are some fast facts you need to know about the future of job advertisements: 

  • 60% of job seekers now use their phones or tablets to search for jobs – and this number is growing. 

  • A good portion of job seekers are also using their devices to apply for jobs. As phones become smarter, this will increase. 

  • The shift to individual devices means a lot of households don’t have computers and the number of in-home printers has reduced. 

  • Printing and scanning an application form can be an obstacle for job seekers. 

  • For young people with little or no work experience, putting together a CV and cover letter can be another barrier in their job search. They may not understand what employers are looking for or have limited work and education experience to draw upon. 

So, how can you make things easier for our modern job seekers, but still get the information you need? 

The “Go with Tourism” Job Connector is a great tool for breaking down barriers between young people and employers by allowing them to connect directly.

Young people can easily develop a candidate profile to show employers they are interested in tourism roles, and employers can learn more about the attitudes and skills of a potential employee through a simple questionnaire. 


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