Where to find young talent

Where to find young talent

The internet and job sites like SEEK are always the first point of call for young job seekers, but here are five other ways that you can attract young talent into your business:



Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are the most popular social media platforms used by young people. When they research your company, social media is certainly a channel they will go through; in fact, according to a LinkedIn survey, half of all professionals are following companies on social media hoping to hear about job openings.

Before using social media to attract young talent, think about how you want to portray yourself. Be consistent with your employer brand across all social media platforms. Here are some things to consider:

  • When creating posts think about the visuals and hashtags that will make your business stand out.
  • Maybe have one of your existing young people help you write the post in their tone of voice - after all young people attract more young people. If you don’t have a young person on your team, ask a family member.
  • Facebook has the edge over Instagram in terms of cost effectiveness and reach. Facebook allows you to target people by age, job title, connections, location and interests. Your reach can be expanded by encouraging tagging and sharing with others.
  • Instagram is managed from your Facebook business account which gives you the option of posting everything that you promote on Facebook to Instagram if it’s easier for your business to do both.
  • When using hashtags, be clear about the purpose behind the hashtag – don’t just throw them in randomly. Trending hashtags will attract numbers but if your hashtag is unrelated it will be discredited by young people very quickly.
  • Check out  Facebook’s help and training centre and the Guide to getting started on Instagram for Business 

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Young people also seek out free WiFi and libraries are a popular gathering place – ask if you can put a job ad on their noticeboard.  




Develop a relationship with local schools, universities and training providers by offering to talk to students or providing work experience.

Connecting, collaborating and volunteering a bit of your time and knowledge is a great way increase your visibility among careers advisors and academic staff. You will be at the top of their mind when they want to recommend placements for excellent students.

As a bonus, you can get an understanding of what students are learning, and the knowledge and skills young people can bring to your business.

Helpful resources for working with education providers



Someone known to yourself, friends, family, colleagues or customers might be looking for a career in tourism and could do with a chat with a professional like yourself. Research suggests that people employed through a referral are more likely to be successful in the position and to stay longer.



AUT’s Hospitality, Tourism, Events and Culinary Arts Career Fair 2019 is an example of a job expo where you can increase your visibility and connect directly with young job seekers. Think about it in the same way you would with social media posts: think about the brand you want to portray, the visuals you can take along with you, and maybe have one of your existing young people there to connect with the target audience.

To find out when and where the job expos are on, chat to local tourism educators.

CareersNZ also has a useful toolkit to help with planning for expos to get the most out of them.



Get in touch with your local Jobs and Skills Hub who work directly with employers and provide a free recruitment service:


6. GIVE THE “Go with Tourism” Job Connector A GO!

The Job Connector breaks down barriers for young people and employers by allowing them to connect directly. Young people can easily develop a candidate profile to show employers they are interested in tourism roles, and employers can learn more about the attitudes and skills of a potential employee through a questionnaire.



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Current tourism education providers:

New Zealand School of Tourism

International Travel College

Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT)

Crown Institute of Studies

Queenstown Resort College QRC